Disentomb – Misery

Disentomb are an Australian brutal/technical death metal band that formed back in 2009, and Misery is their second full-length album, released through New Standard Elite. Disentomb bring together the brutal and technical elements of bands like Defeated Sanity, Disgorge, Cryptopsy and their own unique sense of atmosphere and melody in a wholly compelling package of absolute aural devastation. Disentomb have no intention of fundamentally re-evaulating what brutal death metal can or should be. They are pretty single-minded in their apparent determination to create the heaviest, darkest death metal out there. And they don’t do this just by layering blast-beat upon blast-beat, slam upon slam (though there are plenty of blast-beats and slams), or by deliberately using abrasive, poor quality production.

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Revocation – Deathless

Deathless is the fifth full-length album from the Boston-based metal band Revocation, recently signed to Metal Blade Records. Revocation play an interesting blend of technical death metal and thrash metal not entirely unlike bands such as the British band Sylosis. While in the past Revocation have placed a lot of emphasis on technicality and a kind of controlled chaos, Deathless sees the band shift emphasis towards a much darker, heavier, and more focused sound.

Deathless is by far the heaviest and darkest album that Revocation have released to date. There’s a far greater emphasis on atmosphere here, with guitarists Dave and Dan taking their undoubted technical skill and applying it in a more focused way.  The down-tuned guitars shed unnecessary technicality in favour of creating a more cohesive sound with songs that flow more naturally with a more clearly defined sense of where they’re going. To be clear, the riffs are still incredibly technical, it just feels like they did a better job of writing ones that work together better. And the guitar solos are better than ever before, which is saying a lot considering how phenomenal Dave’s solos have been in the past. And the production is better than ever before. On previous albums the production has led to a slightly sterile sound, which isn’t great when you’re playing super-technical death metal. Here the music is allowed room to breathe more naturally, enhancing all aspects of their sound here.

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