Mgła – Exercises in Futility

Mgła (pronounced ‘mg-wah’) are a Polish black metal band that began back in 2000. Their very first release was as part of the legendary 2005 split/compilation album ‘Crushing the Holy Trinity’ alongside Deathspell Omega, Clandestine Blaze, and others. Since then Mgła have released a steady stream of EPs, splits and full-lengths, their last release being 2012’s fantastic album ‘With Hearts Towards None’, recognised by many as one of the top black metal albums of that year. Three years on, Mgła are back with another full-length, and in my view this their best release yet, improving on all aspects of their sound.

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the GazettE – DOGMA

In some ways I really don’t know what to make of DOGMA. There are moments and songs here of such undeniable quality that it’s difficult to believe that some of the other songs on this album were written by the same band. the GazettE are a Japanese ‘visual-kei’ band, veterans of that scene and one of the few Japanese rock/metal bands to even come close to the international popularity of Dir en grey. This is their eighth full-length album and it stands out in their discography as being distinctly more ambitious and mature than their previous albums. Sometimes, anyway, and that’s part of what frustrates me about this album.

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Photos from Deafheaven / Marriages – May 1, 2015

Just thought I’d upload some of the photos I took of the Deafheaven/Marriages show at Scala, London on August 24, 2015. It was a fucking great show, Deafheaven opened with Brought to the Water which led to the most brutal moshpit I’ve ever seen in my life, not something I expected when I booked tickets to a Deafheaven show. Marriages were excellent as well, and I think I preferred their live sound to how they sound on record; they had a much noisier, shoegazier sound and the vocals felt like another layer to their wall of noise. The quality of the photos aren’t great because it was hard to stand still at all during the show but hopefully you enjoy them anyway. There’s also a YouTube channel that recorded their performances of Sunbather and The Pecan Tree in excellent quality.