Deafheaven – ‘New Bermuda’

Deafheaven, on the off-chance you are not already aware, are an American metal band. Their 2013 breakout album ‘Sunbather’ won over fans and critics alike with it’s powerful blend of shoegaze, black metal, and post-rock. Deafheaven have always had their fair share of detractors, often focusing on their modern image and general lack of kvltness, but carried on regardless. On New Bermuda they return with a much heavier, darker album than the polarising ‘Sunbather’, truer to their black metal roots yet still daring to experiment in brave ways.

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Trivium – ‘Silence in the Snow’

Trivium have long been a pretty controversial band in the metal scene for a variety of reasons, ranging from their image to their early metalcore sound. Yet one could never accuse Trivium of playing it safe: on every consecutive album they’ve taken very different directions, dabbling in metalcore, thrash metal, progressive metal, heavy metal, and others. But on their seventh album ‘Silence in the Snow’ Trivium undergo perhaps the most significant change in sound to date. The metalcore roots of this band are firmly a thing of the past, replacing those early influences with traditional heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden and Dio. The harsh vocals present on almost every previous Trivium album are entirely gone, with vocalist/guitarist Matt Heafy stepping up his clean vocal performance substantially to compensate, and taking a much greater role in carrying the songs.

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